Ben Slow

Oct 22

This latest painting is a collaboration with C.A.L.M. a charity set up to help tackle the issue of suicide amongst men in the UK.

The campaign against living miserably (CALM) was set up to help reduce the high suicide rate amongst men under 35, currently the single biggest killer of young men in the UK.

Men are three times more at risk of suicide than young women – in 2010 75% of suicides were men. But while smoking and knife crime make the headlines, suicide is the biggest killer.

I was instantly attracted to the charity due to my own issues with mental health and I am very keen to do whatever I can to help highlight the issue of mental health.

The pain I have suffered through my ongoing issues with mental health are ten fold any physical pain I have ever suffered. Despite the pain it is still something that very few people talk about, especially men and this is something that needs to change!Without giving too much away (as I prefer people to make up their own minds about what they think a paintings is about) you have the very honest, dead eyes juxtaposed with the inner pain. Here it is physically expressed though unfortunately most people do not feel comfortable enough to express such feelings. It is mostly kept pent up inside. If it comes out at all then it is in private.

It is about breaking down that male bravado, making people realise that it is not a weakness to be hidden but something to be shared. If you are fortunate enough to not suffer with mental health issues, you will still have had shit times at some point. Its about talking about these periods in your life, sharing with others, realising that you are not alone in your suffering.

The image will be used as the front cover for the next C.A.L.M. Magazine which will be coming out at the end of October.

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